Solar Oven, Benefits of the homemade solar oven

The solar oven can be at home a device that means a great saving with results that have nothing to envy to the conventional oven. We are going to tell you in detail how it works and all the necessary information to get one of them.

A solar oven is a structure designed to receive as much solar energy as possible, producing high temperatures and heating elements such as metals, copper, food and other types of materials that may be needed. It is one of the applications of solar thermal energy that can bring great benefits to our daily lives.

There are large-scale ovens, but we cannot forget about the smaller-scale ovens used to prepare meals. And is that if you get to gather high temperatures at the same point. can be used for domestic purposes such as, for example, those of a grill. Therefore, although there are several types of solar ovens, we are going to focus on those that we can use in our house for our solar stove.

How does a solar oven work?

The operation of this type of solar ovens is based on three principles: the greenhouse effect, the concentration of sunlight and heat insulation. Basically, the oven captures the sun's rays inside, as it lets them pass through the glass. Once inside, the light is transformed into heat, thanks to the plates it contains, which absorb the heat and keep it there. The wavelength of the heat now generated means that it cannot escape again to the outside. Thus, gradually, the temperature inside the oven is increased.

All this would be useless if the oven were not well insulated. The fact that the materials and the way in which the oven is made provide good thermal insulation means that the heat is not dissipated by other means and is thus maintained during its use. On the other hand, another type of oven concentrates the sunlight in a single point to heat the desired material or food, as is done, for example, by a stirling concentrator. This is known as a parabolic solar cooker.

Parts of a solar oven and materials

The schematic of a solar oven consists of the following elements:

- Within the parts of a home solar oven is the cooking area, having the shape of a box covered by a thermal insulator on each of the walls to absorb a large amount of heat and achieve the cooking objective.

- The transparent cover. So called because in most cases the cover is made of a glass material through which the solar rays sent through the different points pass.

- The absorber plate. It is the element in charge of converting the light into heat being used by thermal materials of black color, being the most convenient.

- The reflectors. They are an optional part of this homemade oven, but many decide to incorporate them as they help to capture more light, thus obtaining a greater amount of heat and a better function at the time of cooking.

Benefits of the homemade solar oven

There are many advantages of having a homemade solar oven, so here we are naming some of them since it is a solar energy source and does not use wood or any type of fuel. The benefits will not only be for us in comfort and expenses but also for the environment.

- It is an inexhaustible source of energy since it is taken from the sun's rays and for the oven not to work the only time would be at night when we do not have sunlight. The only thing you will need to make food in this homemade oven will be the daylight collected by reflectors raising the temperature that will cook the food.

- It does not produce any type of emission, so it is exempt of causing any intoxication. This is one of the main characteristics of products that work with sunlight. It also does not harm the planet and even benefits it, as it eliminates certain natural odors in camps that produce gas and carbon emissions.

- They tend to be safer because they do not have a flame like gas or coal-fired campfires, especially in children's camps, nor will they reach the same heat temperature as a fire-fired campfire. However, it is necessary to be careful with the heat retained in the upper part where the glass is located since it can cause damage to children if there is contact.

- Another advantage of these ovens is that since they do not have flames, your food will not overcook or burn as it would normally do in a slightly careless cooking in a traditional gas oven. Nor will you have to stir the food during cooking because it will not stick to the pan where you prepare it.

As you can see, home solar ovens have many advantages at zero cost. Let's see now other data.

Other important facts:

In the home solar oven you can make the same food dishes as in a traditional oven since you will be able to bake, boil, stew and even sauté. It will also be useful for sterilizing glass jars or dehydrating food. Prepared dishes will keep that authentic taste, as there is little chance of burning.

Cooking in this type of ovens is considered healthy because as the heat is distributed in equal parts in all the places, the food does not lose nutrients as it happens in the case of fires that go directly to the food.

Some recommendations for cooking are to use a small amount of liquid and to put the vegetables and ingredients in small or medium pieces, this will make the cooking time shorter. It is not advisable to use aluminum foil as it slows down the cooking process.

Various uses

Dehydrating food or drying is one of the uses that a homemade oven allows us to perform, we only need to create a small air source to extract excess heat to carry out the process. It also serves to defrost food although it is not considered advisable since there are bacteria that reproduce at high temperatures.

Leaving aside the food, this solar oven also serves to melt and melt, since this oven is used in a homemade way but also industrial. If we use the indicated materials and perform the procedure correctly, we can create wax, plastic and even PVC figures.

Pasteurize or sterilize bottles or even water, eliminating bacteria that can cause intestinal diseases. The high temperatures that these ovens reach help with this process since many microorganisms do not survive at high heat levels.

We can bake from clay to plasticine for oven being a great help for those who are dedicated to crafts. It can be used to bake dolls, costume jewelry and even decorative figures. Well-known brands already use this technique because they save electric energy and obtain the same finish.

It can also be used to dry clothes and in those moments when you need a wet garment all you have to do is place it inside the oven with the door open and it will suffer an excess of heat and can also be placed on top of the glass allowing it to dry quickly.

This solar oven also allows us to heat water that in many occasions can be used for hygiene or personal use especially if we want to save on electricity or gas depending on the type of conventional stove you have at home. It can also be used for canning fruit, since it is one hundred percent possible to do it in this type of oven.

Now that you know all the information about the solar oven, you could be encouraged to make or buy one as there are many advantages that it will bring to your home from economic savings to much richer and healthier food dishes.