Recover lost data from usb flash driver free

When we are in the process of cleaning our USB flash drive or moving files we often mistakenly delete information from our USB flash drives and then regret it, as they are of great importance or of much sentimental value. Sometimes, a can consider the information lost. The good news is that even if this happens to us, we can solve it.

USB flash drives and their similarity to hard disks

The way in which USB drives are designed are very similar to the structures that make up the hard drives when we refer to storage because they work in a similar way, the device stores the information inside and creates lists of files that are stored internally. These lists allow the user to locate the corresponding file on the USB memory and when you decide to delete it, it is interpreted as that the name should be removed from that list but the file is hidden or invisible so to speak in the USB memory, waiting for a new file to be written on top of it to fill the available space.
recover lost data from usb

How to start the process of recovering lost data

The first thing you need to do is download a program that has the option to recover lost data from a USB flash drive. Normally these programs, identified with the label "recovery" are usually very versatile and allow the recovery of files from almost any device without distinction, it is just a matter of finding the one you like the most or that seems more intuitive than the rest of the programs.

Once you have downloaded them, start the scanning process and let it run. After a while you should be able to access all the information on your device and confirm whether or not the information you had given as lost is there or not. If the information is not there, start to consider the possibility that you did not delete it but that it was lost somewhere on your device and if this is the case, the recovery programs also usually have a search engine adapted to those needs.