Recover files from SD card

SD cards have meant a breakthrough in the transport of our digital information from one device to another before the invention of what we know today as the cloud. However, these devices can be the victim of viruses, errors and you have come this far looking for methods to recover those files that are so important to you.

How to start the recovery process.

The first step to start recovering information from an SD drive is to get a good file recovery tool. The good thing about these file recovery programs is that there are many on the market, of very good quality and the best thing is that in most cases they are free for the use that we are going to give to it. Once we have installed our program, depending on the interface it has, it will surely have two methods of operation.
recover files from sd card.

The most common methodologies of operation of these programs are mainly two: the superficial or fast scanning and the deep scanning, the difference between both is mainly in the depth and precision of the scanning, in addition to the time it takes. The quick scan usually boasts its name, a shallow scan through the memory in order to recover the most recent or relevant files on the memory while the other type of recovery is used if the first one has not yielded the desired results and you want to search deeper into the files on the SD card.

Will formatting an SD card affect the process?

This is a very common question as the formatting process aims to completely restore the SD card, however, theoretically it should not affect the process of restoring a deleted file as the features mentioned above are still respected. The program will search the memory for all the data and information stored and that was rewritten with blank spaces in the formatting process, what could happen is that a file may be damaged or incomplete once it is recovered, but this will depend on the nature of the file.