Information recovery

It has happened to all of us that we have accidentally deleted information and data from our PC that we did not want to delete at first. Some of these data are usually really important to us and therefore the concern about the possibility that be able to extract and recover the information that worries you so much.

The information is not deleted instantly

Perhaps you do not know it at all but even if you delete a piece of information or a photograph from your PC, it is not instantly eliminated from your hard disk, in fact sometimes they are only stored in the trash, but what happens if we also empty the trash?

You must know that some storage units have a list with the files that have been saved in the computer, and when you give the order to the same one to eliminate the information, it only erases it of that list that it has created, but the file is there, in that store. The idea of this system is that the files become invisible while waiting for a new file to be placed on top of the space it already occupied. So you may wonder, how to locate them again?
Information recovery

Specialized programs.

There are specialized programs on the market that are in charge of recovering the information that has been deleted. These programs are in charge of performing a quick or deep scan, everything will depend on the program and the need you have at the moment, as well as the time you want to have for it, of a disk drive or SD card in order to find the deleted information.

The initial recommendation is to first perform a quick surface scan to see if the file can be located and, if it is not possible to find it, perform the deep scan, which will be a little slower. At the end of the scanning process, the programs will show you the files that have been recovered and you should know that in many cases these will be incomplete or unusable depending on the nature of the file and the time the file has been deleted, so this practice is positive for the recovery of recently deleted information.