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How to meditate: a complete guide.

How to learn to meditate

Today you will learn how to learn to meditate in a practical and simple way, meditation is easier than it seems, all the tools you need you carry with you at all times. Order to lead a more conscious life, focused on the present and away from the thoughts that dominate us and hurt us.

What is meditation? How do you meditate?


Meditation is a practice in which the individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to achieve some specific benefit or to mentally recognize a content without feeling identified with that content.

solar energy charger tablets and laptop

One of the main uses of this type of charger is that the energy it generates is used to charge the battery of the cell phone, as well as tablets and laptops. It is ideal to be done wirelessly and no matter where you are, needing only sunlight.

Photovoltaic for self-consumption

With the evolution of technology, it has been possible to develop multiple methods to supply homes, businesses and companies with electricity independently.

Software to recover conversations whatsapp , telegram.

programs recover conversations

The loss of files is a frequent problem these days where everything is connected to the network and the amount of information that we can handle every day is increasingly large, whatsapp , teams, telegram, snapchat, messeger, instagram, twitter so it is not strange that at some point we can lose or delete programs for recovering conversations and even recovering deleted emails were born and today we will introduce you to their main features.

Recover lost data from usb flash driver

recover lost data from usb

When we are in the process of cleaning our USB flash drive or moving files we often mistakenly delete information from our USB flash drives and then regret it, as they are of great importance or of much sentimental value. Sometimes, a can consider the information lost.

Recover files from SD card easy

recover files from sd card.

SD cards have meant a breakthrough in the transport of our digital information from one device to another before the invention of what we know today as the cloud.

Information recovery from our PC

Information recovery

It has happened to all of us that we have accidentally deleted information and data from our PC that we did not want to delete at first.

Best file recovery software free

best file recovery software

There are so many programs to download when it comes to recovering files that we often do not know which one to choose because their similarities are such that we do not differentiate the subtle functionalities that make one software better versatility and ease of use from the beginning, in addition to its functions adapted to the needs of each one.