File Recovery Software

On many occasions we tend to mistakenly delete files from our computer that we later regret, because they are of real importance or have a very great sentimental value for us. Then the big question arises, is there a possibility to recover those files that we have deleted and we did not want to? The answer is yes, and for that we will need software that allows us to recover those files and be able to reuse them again.

This type of software is based on the very nature of storage systems, which work by creating lists of files that are stored in a kind of trunk. The lists are used to enable the computer to locate the relevant file and when the command is given to delete it, the name is actually removed from the list but the file remains invisible on the computer, waiting for a new file to be placed on top of it to take its place. This means that with the necessary software, it is possible to locate this invisible file on our hard drive, in order to recover it and get it working again.

However, it is worth noting that the quality of the file recovered by the file recovery software will also depend on how long the file has been deleted, because if it is too long there is a risk that the recovered file will be damaged, incomplete or unusable, because many other files have already taken its place. For this reason this type of recovery methods, with software that is usually free of charge, should be done with files that have been recently deleted to optimize the recovery results.
file recovery

Most commonly used software for file recovery

There are many programs that allow you to perform the task of recovering deleted files, one of them is Ease US, a highly recommended program for being free but beyond that, because they have options that greatly facilitate the work, as it allows quick and superficial analysis, deep analysis that are slower but much more accurate and also allows you to stop and save the scan in case you do not have time to continue it, saving all the process you already have advanced so you do not lose it and you can resume it later.

Other programs have even more features, including the ability to recover files on SD cards or files of a different nature and extension than the conventional ones.